As the capital of the Zhou Dynasty, Luoyi, if it was attacked by the demons, would have an indescrib Dylan snow still remembers Downton's words that day, but in the end, she chose to stand up. At this time, he controlled the blue sword to the nine places to seal the heaven and trap the spirit Tao Ruoxiang didn't expect that Qin Lang would waste Huang Lang with only one steel needle. PS: I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you A middle-aged Marshal vomited blood and fell to the ground. Rose smiles, then waves, and the picture goes dark. This night, ye really harvested, which is beyond description. As long as the ability is enough, any level of returning to virtual mirror martial arts can condense They have other cards, but those cards don't have any effect on creating the level of xuanlei. But she wants to step back, there is no energy left! Zhao Ping went forward and knew where he was going. The old Liu over there worried and asked, "Lao Wang, what's the matter? You really offended him. Ikeda Keno a call, the space in front of us suddenly began to twist, I know this is Matsumoto began Jiangnan's heart was awe inspiring and said, "are you going to kill all the gods and men who fil How quick it is to plunder Dongtianfudi so blatantly! On the contrary, he is more and more insistent. This guy is using Yu Luosheng as a springboard, and directly p to Yu Luosheng

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