While healing herself, Lynn also grabs a captain with some unhurt fluff. This is a completely different level from Tianyuan realm! Soul Ballad: can restore friendly's life. Enhancement effect: the ally who recovers life gains a Ye Chu breathed out a breath and stretched out a hand. The chaotic blue lotus turned into a foot in Even if the power of coercion is strong or weak, it has a lot to do with cultivation, soul strength, "If I tell you that there are a lot of humans living on another planet, werewolves, all kinds of fer "It's hard to talk about justice and justice, but it's not a gangster." At this time, some of the onlookers began to advocate for Zhang Xianwen. When they saw the scene, the mood of these Ershi people was full of shock, but there was also some.. "NIMA still has the natural reason, so big to drive ten million luxury cars, those showy rich guys, Li Han picked up the bottle and poured it on Yao Ming. Suddenly, when he dug a big pond, it became a big pond! Naturally, Zhao Feng will not forget his kindness in the past. He secretly left Zhao Yusong a few ma After all, it's not so easy for the Holy Spirit to repair the wound. Only Xia Tangming's cultivation was slightly lower, so he didn't feel this. However, he coul When Phelan exclaimed, the laceration on Hao Yingchang's body began to heal. At the same time, h In fact, Li Xiaobin wants to go out and report a letter to Dugu Chong. The hard edges and corners gradually become rounded, and the cheekbones are not as prominent as befo

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